Stop and reflect for a moment… how would your business be impacted if you went on at least one appointment each workday?

Here’s what I know: agents who are setting and going on APPOINTMENTS are PRODUCING, period.  Those that are consistent and disciplined in their daily routines win the day.

Consider this:

We CANNOT control the market.

We CANNOT control what others think.

We CAN control ourselves and our businesses.

We CAN control our thoughts, behaviors, and routines.

So, why is it that some agents are succeeding wildly today, while other agents are getting out of the business?

What separates those who are still making sales from those who are not?

What is the key to succeeding in this market, or any market for that matter?

The intent of this posting is to give you specific ideas and techniques that will lead to a breakthrough in the number of appointments you set. Let’s begin by defining what an appointment is and then we will look at seven ways to set an appointment a day.

What is an appointment?

APPOINTMENTS are any meeting that will positively impact your business.


  • Sitting face-to-face with a motivated seller (listing presentation)
  • Working with a buyer who wants to buy
  • Previewing a motivated For Sale By Owner property
  • A face-to-face meeting with a Past Client, a Center of Influence or anyone who can refer you business
  • Meeting with potential investor clients or directors of HR involved in executive moves

Stop and reflect again just for a moment…  how would your business be impacted if you went on at least one appointment each workday? How would that feel? Check out these 7 steps that can inspire you to create an appointment setting breakthrough:


 1. Focus Daily on Setting Appointments

Some agents focus on the amount of time they engage in some form of lead generation each day. Some focus on the number of people they contact each day and some focus on the number of leads they generate.

Top producers  focus on:

  • Setting great appointments
  • Getting contracts signed

2. Create A Definition of an Appointment that Serves You

If your definition of an appointment is something like, “I only meet with sellers who will list with me today at 2:00 P.M. for 25% under fair market value and 9% commission,” you will likely find yourself with an empty appointment book!

If you want a full appointment book, refer to the definition outlined above and start setting more appointments today.

3. Affirm That You Set Appointments Daily

Affirm that you will set an appointment each day.  Say this simple affirmation constantly throughout the day:

I set one or more appointment each day!!”

Consider this easy exercise and watch how it can positively affect your mindset and results.

4. Carry Your Best leads with You At All Times

One way to do this is to put your best leads on 3×5 index cards and carry them with you all day long. Or enter them into your Smart Phones note or reminder app. Or use a CRM with mobile capability like Contactually.  Have a system as we know a system will produce what a system will produce, nothing less nothing more. What does your current system produce?

The key is to call your leads constantly throughout the day. Consider calling your leads three separate times each day to increase the probability of reaching them and setting an appointment. Call them first thing in the morning…try it again around lunchtime…do your last attempt at the end of the day. You cannot overcall your leads. Even better, consider using a tool like REAL CONTACT to streamline your process.

5. Know Your Automatic Shot

Your “automatic shot” is the source of business you know you can count on if you really needed a deal. We all have areas in which we excel over others, and we all have sources that are particularly favorable for us. It is critical you know what it is for you.

Ask yourself this question: “If you absolutely had to set an appointment today, who would you call?” The answer to this question will define who or what your automatic shot is. Make sure to take your automatic shot every day!

6. Learn 5-7 Basic Closes to Improve Confidence

Skills and confidence are critical in this market. JPAR is now more than ever focused on assisting our agents and teams in improving their skills. We are surrounded by like-minded professionals that invest the time in learning the scripts and objection handlers necessary to confidently set appointments with ease. Let’s work to enhance your closing and objection handling skills so you can add one.

7. Be Unattached to How and Where Your Next Appointment Comes From

The key here is to just remain focused on the fact that you intend to set at least one appointment each day. Once your intention is set, simply go about your business…go follow your schedule…go out and do your lead generation and conversion.

“If I am always shaking the tree, an apple will fall somewhere!”

So there you have seven ways to set at least one appointment a day. I want to encourage you to shift your focus and energy now.

Focus on:

1) Finding your next appointment,

2) Going to another appointment and

3) Servicing your existing clients at the highest level.


1. Make an appointment goal for the next 2 weeks and share it with an accountability partner.

2. Gather all your past leads, open house registers and people you know and start making appointments to meet – ask for tips on people they may know who need to buy or sell. Use tools like REAL CONTACT to streamline follow up nurturing process.

3. Consider creating a small appointment setting mastermind group that meets in your office weekly. Role play objections, practice your listing presentation and critique each other, practice answering a buyer who asks… “why should I use you?”

4. Once you have the appointment, consider what I learned from Jeff Bezos CEO and founder of Amazon. “We don’t make money when we make a sale, we make money when we help someone make a purchase decision.

My previous article topic may come handy in planning your appointments. If you haven’t seen my previous post on how to Delegate, Automate or Eliminate, then check it out.