As you know, being the CEO of your own business is a fun challenge… lots to do and focus on.  Yet consider this: if you are caught up in the whirlwind are you as effective as possible?  We all know that 20% of our effort creates 80% of our results.

Read below, is this a vision you can lean into?

I’m often asked, “what should I be doing?” The answer, keeping it super simple is –  P . L . A . N .

Everything else either: Delegate, Automate or Eliminate!

The next most common question? “When do I need to hire an assistant?”

Answer: NOW!

So to clarify, up to about 17 transactions your “assistants” are the preferred suppliers that surround you. Work with them to make your process as effective as possible.  Then at these trigger points your plan must address team structure: 18 transactions; 30 transactions; 61 transactions and 100+ all require a unique support structure.

Suggestion: schedule a 15-minute daily checkup with yourself (and your team members if appropriate) on how you’re doing on your P.L.A.N. At the end of the day, the three decisions we completely control over are:

  • What we focus on. (P.L.A.N. being one example.)
  • What meaning we attach to things, activities or events happening around us. (Fear. Fear is just false evidence appearing real.)
  • And, what we do in spite of the obstacles we face. (Mental toughness is staying in inspired action despite what’s happening around us.)

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