Stephen Covey’s book proves it and Googles research reinforces it… there is ONE thing in common to every individual, relationship, family, organization, and government throughout the world. The one thing which when removed will destroy the most powerful army, the most successful business, the greatest friendship and the deepest love.

The ONE thing is: TRUST!
  • TRUST is the most significant predictor of an individuals’ satisfaction within their team.
  • TRUST, not a brand is the number #1 factor consumers use in selecting an agent according to Google research.

So, what is trust? Jack Welch, legendary CEO of General Electric said about trust, “You know it when you feel it!” The truth is, in any relationship, what you do has a far greater impact than what you say. Thus, trust is established through ACTION and action is driven by your behaviors.

In his book The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey outlines 13 behaviors that drive trust. The first five behaviors relate to character and the second five behaviors relate to competence and the remainder are a mix of the two.

The 13 behaviors are:
  1. Talk straight
  2. Demonstrate respect
  3. Create transparency
  4. Right wrongs
  5. Show loyalty
  6. Deliver RESULTS
  7. Get better every day (continuous improvement)
  8. Confront reality
  9. Clarify expectations
  10. Practice Accountability
  11. Listen first
  12. Keep commitments
  13. Trust others… extend trust to others as part of your DNA

Covey believes the quickest way to decrease trust is to violate a behavior of character while the fastest way to build trust is to demonstrate a behavior of competence.

In the end, in today’s modern fast-paced economy trust is essential to our mutual prosperity. We can create it, we can restore it and we can extend it.

Trusting this post will prompt you toward a more powerful week. How will you practice trust this week?